Ecological packaging

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We offer solutions for ecological packaging that are efficient, sustainable and economical at the same time.

Ecological packaging material, ecological methods of packaging

By using suitable packaging materials and following the correct packaging procedures, your packages will not only be sufficiently secured during transport, but also the packaging material itself can be easily recycled and reused.

Ecological packaging - Sustainable, Efficiently, Economic

Ecological sealing

Ecological packaging - Ecological sealing of cartons

Ecological adhesive tape

Paper adhesive tape with water-activatable glue enables direct recycling of the cardboard thanks to the 100% natural starch-based glue, so the adhesive tape does not need to be removed from the cardboard before recycling. In addition, the paper tape sealing is extremely strong, and once the tape has been removed, it cannot be put back on, which makes it easy to reveal the broken packaging during transport.

Dispensers of the ecological adhesive tape

In our assortment, you can find paper adhesive tape dispensers from the proven manufacturer Better Packages – from the basic manual version for taping several cartons a day to a professional electronic adhesive tape dispenser with automatic dispensing of a preset tape length and heating for better adhesion in a cold environment.

Guarantee of service and professional advice

With us, you have a guarantee of warranty and post-warranty service in our own authorized W rent service center, including advice from trained staff. Consumables and spare parts are always available in stock.

Better Pack 555eMA

Electronic dispenser of paper adhesive tape activated by water for extra strong and ecological gluing of cartons, with the production of more than 100 cartons per day.

Better Pack 333CM

Manual dispenser of paper adhesive tape activated by water for extra strong and ecological gluing of cartons, with the production of less than 100 cartons per day.

Ecological wrapping with the film

Ecological packaging - Ecological wrapping with the film

Can the stretch film wrapping be ecological? Definitely yes!

Stretch film belongs to the category of polypropylene plastics, the recycling of which is significantly easier than the recycling of paper. An essential condition for recycling stretch film is that no adhesive tape must be applied to the film during wrapping, which will make it impossible to recycle it directly.

Wrapping the shipment with the stretch film

By using the correct packaging technique, however, additional fixing of the film with adhesive tape is not necessary, as the film itself has sufficient adhesive properties when stretched and subsequently contracted. The packaging created is thus sufficiently compact and strong.

Efficient wrapping machines from Slovak production

The product range of Wrapping Ring packaging machines from our production is designed for this method of packaging, which are very popular in logistics centers and dispatch warehouses of online stores, where they reliably ensure the preparation and efficient wrapping of the shipments.


Motorized wrapping wrapping machine with a closed structure for horizontal wrapping the shipments with stretch film.


Practical motorized wrapping machine for simple and quick wrapping of shipments in stretch film.


Practical motorized wrapping machine for simple and quick wrapping of tires and other round objects in stretch film.


Manual wrapping machine for simple and quick wrapping the shipments with stretch film.

Ecological filling material

Ecological packaging - Ecological filling material

Easily storable and easily recyclable filling

As a filler for storing and fixing the product in a cardboard package, it is advisable to choose air cushions, which are made of HDPE (polyethylene film) and can be recycled in a similar simple way as stretch film, from the point of view of ecology and efficiency.

A big advantage is that it does not require much space for storage – the film in the roll in the uninflated state takes up a minimum of space. Using the powerful AIRFIT 12 air-cushions maker, the operator produces the necessary amount of filling when preparing a specific shipment.


Manufacturer of air cushions with a production speed of up to 12 meters per minute.

Ecological strapping

Ecological packaging - Ecological strapping of shipments

Recyclable strap

For ecological and recyclable strapping, it is possible to use PP and PET strap, which are suitable for direct recycling when connected by vibration welding. For the processing and easy storage of waste from PP and PET binding tapes, it is possible to use a binding tape chopper.

A novelty in packaging materials is paper strap, which, due to its properties, is an ideal alternative to PP strap, and its waste can be recycled as paper. The paper strap is sealed by heat welding, which predisposes it to use with semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines – from our offer, for example, TRANSPAK strapping machines.

Transpak TP-202

Basic semi-automatic strapping machine for vertical strapping with PP tape, in a frameless design and by creating a heat weld of the tape from the underside of the object.

Transpak TP-502MV

Mobile strapping machine for vertical strapping of pallets with PP tape with higher performance.

Transpak TP-601D

Powerful automatic strapping machine for strapping PP / PET tape.