Rules for processing personal data in the company W rent, p. r. o.

The protection of your personal data is one important element in building the systems and procedures used in our company. These rules explain how in society W rent, s. r. o., with its registered office at Prečín 277, 018 15 Prečín, Slovakia, IČO: 46 908 668, a company registered in the Commercial Register of the Trenčín District Court, Section Sro, File no. 27314 / R, we process your personal data in providing our services.

We emphasize that our company is committed to continuously improving our privacy policy, procedures and security system and, to this end, to innovating and improving it accordingly. In an effort to ensure effective protection of personal data, we obtain and apply the latest knowledge in practice.

When processing personal data, we are primarily governed by the general regulation Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27. April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) known as GDPR and the provisions of Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and other regulations.

Employees of our company and other persons involved in our activities are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of all information and documents on matters concerning our customers, which we have obtained in the course of our activities and which are not publicly available.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, at the address of our establishment Mládežnícka 2161/99 (in the Industrial Complex in Považské strojárny), 017 01 Považská Bystrica, GPS coordinates: 49 ° 07′35.6 ″ N, 18 ° 24′53.0 ″ E or via e-mail: .

1. What is personal data?

  1. Personal data means any data on the basis of which we can identify you, either directly or indirectly. Personal data can be, for example, a name, surname, address or telephone number.
  2. The GDPR also recognizes a special category of personal data that needs to be approached with extreme sensitivity. Special categories of personal data are data that reveal racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, but also, for example, genetic data intended for your identification or health data. Our company is not interested in processing special categories of personal data of its customers when concluding contractual relations. If you have provided us with such data, please inform us via the above-mentioned contacts and we will ensure their deletion from our databases, unless the valid legal order of the Slovak Republic prevents us from deleting them.
  3. The personal data of minor children is also managed by a special regime. Our company does not intentionally process this data except in cases where we are required to do so by law (eg in certain cases in employment relationships). If you find that the personal data of minor children have been handed over to us, please inform us via the above contacts and we will ensure their deletion from our databases, unless the applicable legislation of the Slovak Republic prevents us from deleting them.

2. Why do we process personal data?

  1. Processing of personal data means any operation or set of operations involving personal data, such as the acquisition, organization, storage, retrieval, retrieval, use, dissemination, erasure or disposal of them, whether by automated or non-automated means.
  2. We process your personal data primarily so that we can provide you with our services and fulfill your legal obligations.
  3. In addition, we also process your personal data if required by applicable Slovak law or if we need to protect the legitimate interests of our customers, our company or, in justified cases, other persons.

3. For what purposes and on what legal bases do we process personal data?

We need your personal data to:We process your personal data on the basis of:The personal data we process for this reason are in particular:
pre-contractual negotiations, ie answering your questions about our servicesWe are taking action on your application before concluding the contractname, surname, e-mail, telephone contact and details provided during the pre-contractual negotiations
providing our servicesperformance of the contractdata for concluding the contract and for providing information on the progress of the service or for administrative purposes, such as contacts for sending invoices and making payments
preparation of price offersfulfillment of pre-contractual obligationsData necessary for the preparation of a non-binding offer in the section inquiry basket in the range: name and surname, e-mail, telephone, state, company name
ensuring the compliance of our activities with legal regulationsfulfillment of legal obligations, which result mainly from the Act on Accounting, the Act on Protection against Money Laundering and the Act on Reporting Anti-Social Activitiesexclusively data that are directly required by the valid legal order of the Slovak Republic
statistical purposes, archival purposes in the public interest and historical and scientific research purposesfulfillment of legal obligations pursuant to the Act on Archives and Registries and the Act on Accountingdata necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the obligation of archiving in the public interest, for the purposes of scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes
purposes relating to the protection of the legitimate interests of our companylegitimate interests of our company or directly to you as the persons concerned, and in these cases we always carefully consider whether the processing will not constitute a disproportionate interference with your rights. If you are interested in more information, you can ask us for it via the contact details above. You can always object to such processing of personal e-mail addresses for sending information about our services (marketing purposes), while the legitimate interest of our company lies in the effort to inform our customers about new products and innovations that we provide
photographic image or video recording of the installation, assembly or service of our products at our customers, which can be used for promotional purposes of our goods and services, for example by sharing them on our website as well as on our social networks
dynamic or static recording from cameras monitoring the area in front of our establishment as well as the internal areas of the operation, which is prepared for the purpose of property protection as well as protection of property safety and health of employees
personal data in the range of for example: business name of the company, e-mail and telephone contact obtained from voice recordings from our infoline, which are prepared in order to improve services to our customers
contact form on the website, in the range of personal data: name, e-mail in order to improve services for our customers
personnel and payroll managementfulfillment of legal obligations, legitimate interest or fulfillment of a contract in the field of labor law and social security and social protection law, for example on the basis of the Labor Code, while we provide detailed information on this to each employee when concluding an employment contracttitle, name, surname, date of birth, permanent residence address, temporary residence address, birth number, job classification, date of commencement and date of termination of employment, data related to employee training and retraining and other information if required by applicable law SR
selection procedure for job seekersperformance of the contract until the relevant post is filledtitle, name, surname, date of birth, address of permanent residence, education, work experience and other data stated in the CV and motivation letter
accounting and tax purposesfulfillment of legal obligations on the basis of legal regulation in the field of accounting and tax administrationtitle, name, surname of business partners, which are natural persons or natural persons representing or acting for the benefit of legal entities and other information, if their provision for the purpose of performing the activity is required by the valid legal order of the Slovak Republic

4. To whom we make your personal data available

  1. We make any personal data, whether belonging to our employees, customers or third parties, available only to those persons and to the extent necessary for the performance of legal obligations and the provision of our services. At the same time, we make sure that their recipients are reliable entities that comply with their legal obligations, and we conclude contracts containing these obligations with them in order to protect your personal data.
  2. We also make your personal data available exclusively to the extent necessary to intermediaries with whom we have a written contract for the protection of personal data, such as our legal representative, our IT technician, software provider or technical and security support of our company, as well as transport companies that provide imports. of our goods directly to you. In the event that we make your personal data available to such recipients, we will provide you with a specified list of them upon request, if the legal regulation allows it.
  3. At the same time, some of your personal data may be shared with the public on our website or on social networks Facebook on the “W rent” page or Instagram on the “W rent” profile on the portal LinkedIn on your “W rent” account or at YouTube . Their publication is based on our legitimate interest in promoting our goods and services or, in some special cases, on your consent.
  4. However, we draw your attention that if you visit:
    1. our “W rent” page on the social network Facebook , operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (“Facebook”). For an overview of Facebook add-ons and their features, visit: , or
    2. our profile “W rent” on the social network Instagram , operated by Instagram LLC., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA (“Instagram”). For an overview of Instagram add-ons and their features, visit: , or
    3. our “W rent” account on the social network LinkedIn , operated by LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“LinkedIn”). For an overview of LinkedIn add-ons and their features, visit: , or
    4. our “W rent” account on page YouTube operated by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. For an overview of YouTube add-ons and their features, visit: .
  5. Your personal data is collected by the above companies in accordance with their personal data processing rules and your settings on the relevant social network and browser. We do not influence these circumstances. If you are interested in the information that we publish on the given social networks and at the same time do not want your personal data to be processed in this way, please contact us at any time and we will provide you with information that interests you in another form.
  6. At the same time, we point out that we are obliged to prevent or report the commission of a crime, and we also have an obligation to report information in the area of money laundering prevention and terrorist financing. In such exceptional cases, the personal data concerned may also be shared with law enforcement authorities.

5. To which countries do we transfer your personal data?

  1. We do not transfer your personal data to third countries outside the European Economic Area (EU, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein). We use secure cloud services of a verified provider with servers located in the EU.
  2. However, please note that if you visit our “W rent” group on a social network Facebook or our group “W rent” on the social network Instagram or our “W rent” account on the social network LinkedIn or our account at YouTube Your personal information will be collected by the companies specified in sections 4.4.1 – 4.4.4 of this Policy, in accordance with their privacy practices and your settings, and its repositories and servers may also be located in the United States. We do not influence these circumstances. If you are interested in the information we publish on the given social networks and at the same time do not want your personal data to be transmitted in this form outside the European Economic Area, please contact us and we will provide you with the information in another form.

6. How long do we keep your personal data?

  1. We store personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed, unless the valid legal order of the Slovak Republic obliges us to keep them longer, for example due to handling and accepting complaints, resolving litigation, archiving, obligations arising from the fight against illegal activities or accounting obligations.
  2. If we process your personal data on the basis of the law, we keep it for as long as the relevant legal regulation shows us. If we process personal data on the basis of the law and it does not determine the period of their retention, we retain your personal data for a period of 5 years, due to the need to use them in the event of clarification of disputes.
  3. If we process your personal data on the basis of a contract and the valid legal order of the Slovak Republic does not stipulate otherwise, we store them after its termination for a period of 5 years, in case it would be necessary to use them in case of a court or other dispute.
  4. If we process your personal data only on the basis of a legitimate interest, we store it for a maximum of 5 years from its last use in the event of its need in court or other similar proceedings or until you successfully object to their processing.
  5. If we process your personal data on the basis of consent, we will stop storing them if you revoke the consent or after the expiration of the agreed validity of the consent.
  6. In the case of recordings from camera systems, this period is a maximum of 15 days from the date of manufacture of the camera system.
  7. We do not make audio recordings from the infoline.

7. How do we collect personal information about you?

  1. We usually obtain personal data from customers, especially through the conclusion of a contract.
  2. If you have contacted us via the contact form published on our website or via the infoline, we have obtained your personal data directly from you.
  3. If you are our employees or other contractual partners, we obtain your data primarily from you when applying for a job and when concluding an employment or other contract.

8. How do we use your data?

  1. As we state in the table above, we only obtain the personal data we need to provide you with quality services in accordance with the law. We protect your personal data and ensure that it is used exclusively for the purpose for which we obtained it. Our employees who are authorized to work with your personal data are trained to ensure your protection. Therefore, if:
    1. we have needed your personal data for the purpose of concluding a contract or processing your pre-contractual requirements, we have used it precisely for this purpose and in a manner approved by law;
    2. we have obtained your personal data due to the fulfillment of legal obligations associated with our activities, e.g. for the purpose of invoicing and other accounting obligations, we use and process them in the manner specified by such law;
    3. we process your personal data for reasons of legitimate interest, you can be confident that they will be used solely in an effort to secure such legitimate interest;
    4. we have your personal data due to the fact that you have given us consent, we process them for the purpose and in the manner stated therein, but only until you revoke such consent.
  2. We emphasize that our obligations include cooperation with state institutions and if we are obliged to provide your personal data in the event of their request or in the case of proceedings before administrative or judicial authorities, we have the right to process your personal data for these purposes.

9. Website and Cookies

  1. The cookies used by the website do not collect any personal data. The use of our website is not only safe, but also fully respects your right to privacy and personal data.
  2. We use Google Analytics to statistically evaluate website traffic, but your IP addresses are anonymized and therefore cannot be identified by them, so they are not considered personal data.
  3. You can find more about the policy of using cookies on this website on a separate page subpage .

10. What rights do you have as a person concerned?

  1. Right of access to data
    1. You have the right to obtain confirmation from us as to whether and how we process your personal data and, if so, what data and to whom we provide it. You can also request access to this information in the form of a simple request sent to the contact details listed at the beginning of this policy. Please do not forget to identify yourself in the application and provide us with contact details to which we can send a response (eg e-mail address).
  2. Right of correction
    1. If you feel that some of the personal information we process about you is incorrect, you can ask us to correct it. You can also ask us to add information that you consider incomplete. In such a case, please do not forget to state clearly and intelligibly what you think is the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the personal data, information on how you wish to make the correction and, if necessary, evidence of their inaccuracy.
  3. Right of erasure (right to be forgotten)
    1. You have the right to request the deletion of personal data that we process about you, and in certain cases specified by law, we are obliged to comply with this request. Please note, however, that in some cases the GDPR allows us to reject your request for deletion, for example if their processing is necessary for archiving in the public interest, for scientific research or statistical purposes, or for proving, asserting or defending legal claims.
  4. Right to restrict processing
  5. You have the right to limit the extent to which we process your personal data if:
    1. you have challenged the accuracy of the personal data, unless we verify your objections;
    2. the processing is illegal and you object to the deletion of the personal data and ask for a restriction on their use instead;
    3. we no longer need personal data, but you need it to prove, assert or defend legal claims;
    4. you object to the legitimacy of our interests in the processing of personal data, until it is verified that our legitimate reasons outweigh the legitimate reasons stated by you.
  6. Right to data portability
    1. You have the right to obtain your personal data from us in a commonly used format and to transfer this data to another operator or intermediary. However, this right only applies to data for the processing of which you have given us your consent or are processed on the basis of a contractual relationship with you and are processed by automated means. It is also possible to exercise this right only to the extent that it does not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.
  7. The right to object
    1. In some cases, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data. These are, in particular, the processing that we carry out on the legal basis of our legitimate interests, including profiling based on that legal basis, but also, for example, in the processing of personal data for the purposes of scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes.
    2. In practice, objections to processing will usually take place if, for some reason, you do not agree with the way we process your personal data, for example according to these rules. In this case, you need to let us know about your objections. We ask you to provide a clear and comprehensible description of the circumstances on the basis of which you consider that the processing in question unduly interferes with your rights and freedoms.
  8. Rights related to automated individual decision making, including profiling
    1. Our company does not practice automated individual decision-making, ie decision-making without human intervention. However, if it occurs, you should have the right to request that such a decision not apply to you if such a decision has legal effects that would affect you or similarly significantly affect you.
  9. Right to lodge a complaint
    1. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the processing of your personal data, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Our company will always try to resolve any disputes to your satisfaction.
    2. However, if you are not satisfied with our procedure, you have the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, about which you can find more information through .

11. Changes to the conditions of personal data protection

  1. For us, the protection of personal data is not a one-time affair. The information we are required to provide to you with respect to our processing of personal data may change or cease to be current. For this reason, we reserve the right to modify and change these conditions to any extent at any time. If we change these terms and conditions in a material way, we will notify you of the change on this website or via email.

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