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Informations for delivering of ordered goods during the Christmas holidays 2021

W rent Advent 2021

Due to the upcoming Christmas holidays and the associated closure or limited operation of the dispatch warehouse and inventory, we would like to inform you about the date of the last delivery of goods this year.

  • The last dispatch from our warehouse is on Tuesday 22.12.2021.
  • Orders for dispatch on Tuesday, please deliver no later than the day before, ie 21.12.2021 by 10:00 , so that we can arrange the trucks.
  • The last day of delivery of transport companies is 23.12.2021 .
  • The first loading in the New Year is possible on 10.01.2022 with a delivery date of 11.01.2022 .

As we all know well from the experience of the past years, delivery companies are extremely overloaded, which causes delays in deliveries and also delays in deliveries to end customers.

Therefore, please do not order the goods at the last minute, we will avoid unpleasant situations before the Christmas holidays, as we can not influence the functioning of delivery companies either by phone, checking where the courier is located or by organizing the collection of goods directly in their mouth.

In the period between the holidays, it is possible to ship the goods in a limited mode, individually by mutual telephone agreement.

Express delivery of pallet goods between holidays is only possible by our own transport at the customer’s expense.

Please check your stock and, if necessary, deliver the order within the above deadline.