We installed an automatic strapping line in Romania

Automatic strapping line

When it comes to installing automatic strapping lines, we know no boundaries, no limits. These days, our team has successfully completed the implementation of a new strapping line for an important customer in Romania in the concrete industry.

The new strapping line consists of automatic strapping machines from our production for horizontal and vertical strapping of palletized goods, which are complemented by an upstream automatic applicator of overlay film. The goods on the pallet are thus not only firmly fixed, but also protected from pollution, dust and water during transport. The automatic strapping line was installed in the automatic conveyor line of the industrial production line MASA.

Automatic vertical strapping machine
Automatic horizontal strapping machine
Automatic overlay film applicator

Do not hesitate to contact us with a request for a proposal for a strapping solution for palletized shipments for your operation. The strapping machines we manufacture can be individually adapted exactly to your needs and implemented in the production lines of many manufacturers. A specialist from the sales department will gladly provide you with more detailed information.

Installed technologies


Sliding automatic strapping machine with open frame and rail drive, for vertical strapping of palletized shipments with PP or PET strap. Designed for special industrial and production lines, and for automatic packaging lines.


Automatic strapping machine for horizontal strapping of the pallets with PP or PET strap. Designed for industrial and production lines, and for automatic packaging lines.