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Better Pack 555eMA

Electronic dispenser of paper adhesive tape activated by water for extra strong and ecological gluing of cartons, with the production of more than 100 cartons per day.

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In stock

Extra strong and ecological gluing of cartons

The Better Pack 555eMA is a water-activated electronic tape dispenser (also known as a paper tape dispenser, water-glued tape dispenser or water-activated adhesive tape dispenser) specially developed for operations with high demands on shipment preparation capacity (more than 100 cartons per day) .

Easy operation and dosing of adhesive tape of exact length

The dispenser has advanced automatic functions that make it easier and faster to prepare an adhesive tape of the exact length that corresponds to the glued carton – e.g. automatic repeated dosing of the adhesive tape after removal of the already produced piece of tape.

The microprocessor-controlled system can be connected to computers, printers, transport systems and footswitches for maximum efficiency when gluing cartons.

Security features

  • The thermal fuse prevents the engine from overheating after heavy use.
  • Safety lock for deactivating the cutting blade when the implement cover is open.
  • Robust construction and quality non-combustible materials .
  • Certified device – CE / CSA / RoHS.

Advantages of using paper adhesive tape

Paper adhesive tape with water-activatable adhesive is made of very strong kraft paper . A great advantage of this type of adhesive tape is the adhesive of vegetable origin – classic natural starch. The whole adhesive tape is thus completely ecological and before the actual recycling of the cardboard, it does not require its removal from the cardboard – the packaging material can be recycled in its entirety.

Accessories for higher productivity

Automatic carton size sensor

  • Automatic dosing of adhesive tape according to the size of the glued cardboard
  • Significantly reduces material waste and increases operator efficiency

Foot dosing switch

  • For easy dosing of adhesive tape without using the dispenser control panel
  • Single or double switch for 2 operators working simultaneously with one dispenser

Bending unit

  • Bending the profile of the adhesive tape at the exit of the dispenser into a “V” shape will facilitate its application to the glued flaps and edges of the carton
  • Allows you to dispense the adhesive tape from the lower dispenser to the operator – the tape is pushed up and maintains a straight shape

Printing unit

  • One-color inkjet printing on adhesive tape when it is ejected from the dispenser – for example, printing a logo, shipment code, date, etc.


Shipment weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 50.8 x 31.8 x 30.5 cm H (L x W x H)
Length of unwound tape 15 – 114.36 cm
Tape unwinding speed 114.3 cm / s
Tape width 3.8 – 7.6 cm
Tape types Paper adhesive tape with water-activatable adhesive, with the possibility of reinforcement with textile fiber and one-color printing
Water tank capacity 1.9 liters
Tape cutting system Guillotine cutting blades
Wetting brushes 3x
Power supply 220V / 50Hz
Certification CE / CSA / RoHS