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The SIAT PS50T / B range of semi-automatic sealing machines with integrated carton stacker saves operator time with carton preparation by up to 50%.

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Compact semi-automatic sealing station

The semi-automatic sealing station of the SIAT PS50T / B model series integrates two separate machines – a semi-automatic sealing machine and a semi-automatic carton stacker . Thanks to the integrated carton stacker, the time required for their preparation is reduced by approximately 50% .

One pair of carton flaps is folded by inserting the carton into the stacker, the other pair of carton flaps is folded by the pressure arms after pressing a button on the control panel. Subsequently, it is possible to fill the contents, close the top flaps manually and by pressing a button the carton is automatically moved by a pneumatic arm to the second part of the machine, in which the upper and lower part of the carton is glued.

The SIAT PS50T / B sealing station is characterized by high-quality processing and a significantly more efficient process of preparation and sealing of cartons.

TIP: Consult us on your request for packaging technology and we will recommend the best solution for your needs.

Models on offer

  • SIAT PS50T / B – Semi-automatic sealing station with integrated carton stacker

Key features

  • Semi-automatic gluing station for folding and gluing cartons , requires operator service.
  • Possibility to set the machine for different lengths of cartons .
  • Possibility of setting the machine according to the width of the carton .
  • Mechanism for moving the carton into the sealing part of the machine.
  • Sealing part of the machine equipped with double handling belts (width 50 mm each), with electronic drive 2x 0.13 kW.
  • The machine has a pre-installed upper and lower SIAT K11R sealing head for 50 mm wide adhesive tape .
  • High efficiency of folding and gluing cartons – up to 600 cartons / hour.

Dimensions of SIAT PS50T / B and Weight

Min. Max.
Length (L) 1952 mm
Width (W) 753 mm
Height (H) 1305 mm 1505 mm
Worktop height (cbh) 585 mm 785 mm
Worktop height with AS 77 685 mm 885 mm
Worktop height with AS 80 785 mm 985 mm

Box dimensions

Min. Max.
Length 150 mm 600 mm
Width 150 mm 500 mm
Height 100 mm 500 mm

Optional machine configuration and accessories

  • AS80 – Extension of the machine legs by 600 mm
  • AS77 – Braked wheels of the machine
  • GTL-GTR – Expandable conveyor
  • RG – Fixed conveyor


Sealing head 2x SIAT K11R (adhesive tape with a width of 50 mm)
Machine length 1952 mm
Machine width 753 mm
Machine height 1305 ÷ 1505 mm
Work table height 585 ÷ 785 mm
Weight 225 kg (250 kg package with pallet)
Dimensions of the transported machine on a pallet 202 x 83 x 126 mm
Folding speed 600 cartons / hour
Compressed air consumption 14.2 NL / cycle
Powering the machine 380/415 V, 50 Hz (3-phase supply) or 440 V, 60 Hz (3-phase supply)
SIAT PS50T / B – Dimensions of folded cardboard
Length Min. 150 mm Max. 600 mm
Width Min. 150 mm Max. 500 mm
Height Min. 100 mm Max. 500 mm
SIAT PS50T / B – Dimensions of adhesive tape for K11R sealing head
Outside diameter Max. 410 mm
Width 50 mm
Tube diameter 76 mm