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Manufacturer of air cushions with a production speed of up to 12 meters per minute.

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Filling material for packaging the shipment within a minute

The compact and easy-to-place AIRFIT 12 device for the production of air cushions with a width of 200 to 400 mm, with a production speed of up to 12 meters per minute will allow you to quickly prepare the required amount of filling material to fix the contents of the shipment. The material for the production of air cushions is easy to store .

Thanks to its high performance, it can be used to complete shipments in any warehouse , dispatch area or e-shop .

With the manufacturer, you will prepare air cushions of various sizes 200 x 100/200 x 200/400 x 330 mm (depending on the type of foil). You can order the airbag foil separately or get it as part of the Starter-Kit with the maker.

Cardboard packaging of the shipment with a protective filling - air cushions

Key features

  • excellent price / quality / performance ratio
  • simple operation and operation of the device
  • the film unwinding speed and the amount of air supplied are easily adjustable using two buttons on the clear control panel
  • The device does not require an external compressor
  • easy storage of the film in a roll
  • package contains 1 piece


Type of pillows small (200 x 100 mm), medium (200 x 200 mm) and large (400 x 330 mm)
Production speed 12 m / min.
Equipment dimensions 400 x 350 x 280 mm
Mandrel diameter for foil 50 mm
Speed control 20 – 100
Temperature control 100-270 ° C
Blowing control 0 – 200
Power requirement 200 W
Weight 5 kg
Power supply 230V