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Semi-automatic wrapping packing arm PKG NIMBLY for wrapping with stretch film, for wrapping palletized shipments and wrapping palletized goods.

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High reliability, robust construction and powerful functions

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Key features

  • Microprocessor controlled packaging process
  • Consignment footprint 800 x 1200 mm or 1200 x 1200 mm
  • Photocell sensing the height of the packed shipment
  • Max. packing height 2200 mm
  • Continuous start/stop rotation controlled by inverter
  • Film carriage travel speed (up/down) controlled by independent inverter
  • Acoustic signal at the beginning and end of the packing cycle
  • Emergency stop button in accordance with CE standards
  • CE compliant machine reset button
  • Emergency/safety stop of the film carriage when the lowest level of the machine is reached
  • Safety bar on the column for emergency stop

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Wrapping parameters adjustable from the control panel

  • Individual number of overpacks at the top and bottom end of the packed consignment
  • Variable rotation speed
  • Individual speed of up/down movement of the foil trolley
  • Photocell sensing delay
  • Buttons for manual operation of the machine

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Selection of packaging cycles

  • Upward pallet packing and downward pallet packing
  • Packing pallets upwards only
  • Packing pallets downwards only
  • Manual packing/full manual packing mode

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Optional wrapping machine configuration

  • Film unwinding machine / film carriage for 300 mm winding diameter (instead of the standard 250 mm diameter)
  • Wifi/Ethernet module for remote control and setting of pack parameters from PC/tablet/smartphone

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Two types of film unwinders

  • Film unwrapper / film carriage with mechanical brake MB
  • Film unwrapper / film carriage with electromagnetic brake EB

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Product video

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