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Practical motorized wrapping machine for simple and quick wrapping of tires and other round objects in stretch film.

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A unique helper for packing shipments in black or clear stretch film

WR1050T (WR1400T) is a motorized wrapping machine for wrapping with black or clear stretch film, which ensures the anonymity of the packaged goods and protects them from dust and moisture. With the WR1050T (WR1400T) shipments will be faster and more efficient . Stretch film packaging becomes more economical and aesthetic with the WR1050T (WR1400T). Wrapping tires or other round objects in stretch film becomes more economical and aesthetic with the WR1050T (WR1400T). Thanks to the motorized wrapping , the operator can pack shipments with minimal effort.

WR1050T (WR1400T) is a purely Slovak product

The model line of packaging machines WR1050 (WR1400) is based on our own design of the entire construction and our own production of these machines . Thanks to our rich experience in the field of professional packaging technologies, we have been able to create a perfect maintenance-free device in our design office, with which you will reliably pack shipments for dispatch for many years.

Main benefits

  • Easy and safe handling
  • Motorized wrapping
  • Height adjustable frame
  • Height-adjustable work table
  • Continuous regulation of film tension
  • Quick foil change
  • Durable surface finish

Overview of WR1050 series models (WR1400)

Model Description
WR1050H ( WR1400H ) Wrapping packaging machine with fully manual operation
WR1050M ( WR1400M ) Motorized wrapping machine
WR1050T ( WR1400T ) Motorized wrapping machine with modification for packing tires or round objects

Optional accessories for machines WR1050 (WR1400)

Technical drawing, dimensions WR1050T (WR1400T)

  • WR1050T (1)
  • WR1400T (2)

Technical drawing, dimensions WR1050T (WR1400T)


Type of drive Motorized
Thickness of stretch film 23 μm
The width of the stretch film 250 mm
Inner tube diameter 50 mm
Package size Max. diagonal 880 mm (WR1050T) / 1250 mm (WR1400T)